The Opera Theater

(The 1800 Theater)

“The 1800 Theater” is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful theaters in the Arab and African world.

It is the first theater built by Tunisians since independence. This theater meets all the technical and sound criteria of an opera theater with an orchestra pit and a large stage with several external accesses, allowing to introduce all kinds of decors.

This is why it is called “The Opera Theater” of the City of Culture. It has a capacity of 1800 seats with two balconies.

The Theater of Regions

(The 700 Theater)

The 700 Theater is also known as the Theater of Regions. It has a capacity of 700 seats with no balcony.

This Theater has an orchestra pit and the latest technical equipment

It allows many performances including cinematographic projections and artistic spectacles.

The Theater of Young Creators

(The 300 Theater)

The 300 Theater or the Theater of Young Creators is a very appreciated theater by all the theater-goers and the event organizers like it because of the many opportunities it offers.

Designed as an auditorium, this theater hosts the plays performances, meetings, conferences, music and choreographic performances.