The Theater of Young Creators
(The 300 Theater)

The 300 Theater or the Theater of Young Creators is a very appreciated theater by all the theater-goers and the event organizers like it because of the many opportunities it offers.

Designed as an auditorium, this theater hosts the plays performances, meetings, conferences, music and choreographic performances.

A multifunctional theater

Stage dimension: 17 x 21 meters

Seats: 2x100 / 2x50

1 Sound console allen & heath c 2500.

2 Scene Returns x 12

2 Handheld HF Microphones.

2 HF Microphones clamps head

HD projection with dolby digital sound

Removable screen: 8 x 6 meters.

01 ETC congo junior 1024 DMX

24 ETC source oven zoom 575W / 115V dimmer board 25-50

06 ETC source furnace led series 2 chandelier 25-50

20 ETC Fresnel Oven Source 750W / 115V Dimmer Board

10 by led rgbw + uv

3 Dressing rooms