The Genesis of the City

First, it was a dream of all the Tunisian intellectuals and creators who were, for a very long time, hoping to see their city, Tunis, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this common sea, cradle of all civilizations, opening widely its arms to welcome the artists, in various spaces where culture reigns. Unfortunately, the dream of these artists and intellectuals has shattered on the rocky shores of a country in turmoil. With fervor and enthusiasm, works that have started in the City, stopped more than once, offering to see a desolate view of an abandoned building. Years of expectations filled with hope and fear for watching the dream getting lost passed. And miraculously, the dream of our artists and intellectuals came to life. Works restarted and offered to see a wonderful view where builders of modern times with their bodies and souls fought to achieve the project. The City of Culture took shape with a building covering 8.6 Hectares, and a superb tower offering a panoramic view of the capital.

A City that celebrates the Tunisian creators and artists, the innovative and modernist intellectuals, eager to see their heritage and history flourish... A City in the heart of the city. A free space where creation knows no bounds and where the most innovative expressions are flourishing offering the most beautiful works in a majestic demonstration of the creative genius of young artists in dance, poetry, theater , cinema and image, plastic art ...

From its inauguration on March 21, 2018, the City of Culture has opened its poles for the cultural creation and artistic events with three theaters, a museum of modern and contemporary art, three exhibition halls, a cinematheque, a Pole for Letters and Book, a center for the cultural digital economy and a Pole of gathering the institutions of scenic arts, visual and cinematographic arts.This glorious building also gathers other spaces devoted to the performing arts namely an Opera Theater with a capacity with 1800 seats, a Theater of Regions with 700 seats, a Theater for Young Creators with 300 seats and six other spaces of rehearsals, production and archiving.The City of Cities, also offers galleries for artistic exhibitions, a fund for the national acquisitions and a Pole for cinema with two projection halls, a 350 seats hall and a 150 seats one in addition to the Cinematheque and an auditorium with 100 seats.

The City of Culture also has 45 offices and administrative spaces, a conference hall and a number of commercial spaces.

The City, with its attractive spaces will for sure make its visitors amazed by the wonderful view that the glass tower of 180 m² and which consists of two floors designed to also host conferences and meetings, offers to them.

The City of Culture is the perfect space where the most modern techniques of communication are very present. A City friend of nature and environment, in harmony with its time, opened to all cultures of the world, very proud of its culture and identity.